Jasper Wong / POW! WOW! Worldwide

March 2012

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Jasper Wong is an Artist, Illustrator, and Curator. Referred to as as a man who wears many hats, Jasper is best known for his art that is a unique clash of Asian-influenced pop culture on paper.

As a result, Jasper has exhibited worldwide, in places such as Tokoy, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Mexico City, New York, Hong Kong, Chicago, and Sydney. Jasper is also the Founder and Director of Pow! Wow!, which serves as a non-profit organization of contemporary artists committed to community enrichment through the creation of artist outreach and educational programs that engage the community in the creation and appreciation of art.

jasper wong

POW! wow! , worldwide

Centered around a week-long event in Hawaii, Pow! Wow! has grown into a global network of artists and organizes gallery shows, lecture series, schools for art and music, mural projects, a large creative space named Lana Lane Studios, concerts, and live art installations across the globe. The central event takes place during February in the Kaka’ako district of Honolulu, and brings over a hundred international and local artist together to create murals and other forms of art. Since its inception, the festival has expanded to Long Beach, California, Taipei, Taiwan, and Tokyo, Japan. Following this momentum Pow! Wow! anticipates expansion to Israel, Singapore, Jamaica, Washington D.C., Guam, New Zealand, Germany and more.



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